Waldo Works

Smythson Stores New York

Waldo Works designed two new flagship stores for the British luxury leather goods and paper brand on Manhattan in 2016. Occupying a corner of Madison Avenue,the first store houses ‘departments’ for large and small leather goods, technology items, a book and diary room and a dedicated bespoke stationery department.

With six high windows in a single space, the challenge was to provide a strong external character and an exceptional interior that was not overcome by the expanse of glass. Sliding brass, glass and silk screens open or close the shop to the street. The view on entering the shop is carefully choreographed, emphasising the penultimate room in the series; where diaries and books are displayed across an archway leading to the Bespoke Room.

Housed in the iconic Oculus building in the World Trade Centre, Smythson’s second New York store opens with tall nile blue portals with gilt edging. Based on the famous notebooks, these portals frame and place emphasis on the product without obscuring the view through the glass shopfront. Internally the space is further divided into departments, carefully creating classically shaped rooms within a skewed and challenging plan. The Smythson’s monochrome palette is further explored, and the book walls of previous iterations of the store becomes an immersive library of product at a grander scale.

Photographs by Skyler Smith


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